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Michael Yapko - Hypnosis Masters Summit


Foojan Zeine - Hypnosis Masters Summit


Barry Neale - Hypnosis Masters Summit


Victoria Gallagher - Hypnosis Masters Summit

Victoria Gallagher

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Hypnosis Masters Karen Hand


DAY 1 - Thursday, 09-12-2021

Michael Yapko - Hypnosis Masters Summit
Hyposis Masters - United States

Michael Yapko PhD is an international trainer (more than 30 countries) in hypnosis and strategic approaches to psychotherapy.

He is the Director of The Milton H. Erickson Institute of San Diego.

Member, Board of Advisory Editors, American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis.

Member, Board of Editorial Consultants, International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis.

In this presentation, Michael Yapko will cover many topics and notions ahout hypnosis, from practices to taboos.

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Foojan Zeine - Hypnosis Masters Summit
Hyposis Masters - United States

Foojan Zeine PhD is a Marriage & Family Therapist and Founder of Awareness Integration Institute.

Dr. Foojan Zeine will present the Awareness Integration Model, a structured brief therapeutic approach that synthesizes numerous theories, resulting in higher self-esteem, releasing negative core beliefs and attached emotional charge, setting goals and action plans to reach the desired life results.

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Barry Neale - Hypnosis Masters Summit
Hypnosis Masters - Great Britain

Barry Neale is an NLP and Hypnosis Trainer and has been studying practicing and teaching them for over 40 years.

The one tactic that Barry uses that has the biggest impact is conversational state elicitation.... and knowing how to use it at the right time. Get this right and changework is a breeze!

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Victoria Gallagher - Hypnosis Masters Summit
Hyposis Masters - United States

Victoria Gallgher is world's LOA Hypnotist (Law Of Attraction)  and hosts the popular podcast the Power of Your Mind.

For almost 25 years she has dedicate herself to helping others, empowering people all over the world to successfully live a life of liberty.

In her presentation, Victoria will show you how to get on the path to manifest your dreams and goals and speed up the manifesting process.

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Tim Box - Hypnosis Masters Summit
Hypnosis Masters - Great Britain

Tim Box  is a mind coach and remedial hypnotist who has successfully run a flourishing full time therapeutic practice for the last 12 years as well as spending three years as an associate of one of the top practices in London's Harley Street.

Come to Tim Box's presentation to find out why any particular method, language patterns or hypnotic techniques don't really matter to the change process and this will hopefully empower you to be a more confident and effective hypnotist.

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Hypnosis Masters Karen Hand
Hyposis Masters - United States

Karen Hand is a Board-Certified Hypnotist, Trainer, International Best-Selling Author and World-Class Communicator. She has helped thousands of people change for good. Karen is headquartered in Chicago and sees clients and trains globally via ZOOM.

Hypnosis and NLP are BS: predicated on the BELIEF SYSTEM of the giver and the receiver. People are flooded with suggestions all day. They take some and they reject others. It's constantly happening. And everyone goes in and out of trance all day...and all night...long.

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Do You Want Lifetime Access to Everything from this Summit?

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Do You Want Lifetime Access to Everything from this Summit?

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