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Freddy Jacquin - Hypnosis Masters Summit

Freddy Jacquin

Bob Burns - Hypnosis Masters Summit


Antony Reed - Hypnosis Masters Summit


Hypnosis Masters - Mike Mandel


Karl Smith - Hypnosis Masters Summit


Terence McIvor - Hypnosis Masters Summit

Terence Joseph McIvor

Jame Elliot - Hypnosis Masters Summit



Freddy Jacquin - Hypnosis Masters Summit
Hypnosis Masters - Great Britain

Freddy Jacquin is BSc Hypnotherapist, CEO of the Jacquin Hypnosis Academy, Author and creator of the Arrow Technique.

Freddy has personally helped over 35,000 Hypnotherapy clients since 1999 and is also an author and creator of the Arrow Technique.

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Bob Burns - Hypnosis Masters Summit
scotland flag

Bob Burns is one of the most renowned hypnotherapists from Scotland, creator of famous The Swan Technique.

He has tremenduous experience in working with groups and in this presentation he will teach his best tips and tricks to achieve excellent results when doing public presentations.

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Antony Reed - Hypnosis Masters Summit
Hyposis Masters - United States

Antony Reed is a hypnotist, NLP practitioner and is the founder of both Brain Spanking Media & Life Change Academy. He has created over 300+ hypnosis and affirmations recordings and videos, and together with his wife Carol Ann, he runs multiple YouTube channels, all while homeschooling their young son.

Learn from Antony what equipment & software you'll need, best practices for making quality recordings and tricks to be sure your final products are top-notch!

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Hypnosis Masters - Mike Mandel
Hypnosis Masters - Canada

Mike’s decades of experience with stage hypnosis, forensic hypnosis and hypnotherapy give his students a solid foundation in principles, not scripts.

Ego States or subpersonalities are fundamental to making lasting change. In this session we will discuss how they operate and how to make friends with them too. As humans, we are digital, and only one personality can be "executive" at any time.

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Karl Smith - Hypnosis Masters Summit
Hypnosis Masters - Great Britain

Karl Smith is ex-military, ex-police. He has served 12 Years in the British Army, 12 Years Police Firearms Officer in the UK Police and now a Hypnotist that specialises in Post Trauma.

In his presentation Karl Smith offers a clear understanding of working with trauma, Content free Hypnosis techniques and Confidence.

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Terrence McIvor - Hypnosis Masters Summit
ireland flag
Terrence McIvor is a Transformative Hypnotherapist & Coach, Executive writer for Brainz Magazine and creator of the S.M.A.R.T.T technique which enables others to achieve a more positive, confident and productive life.

In his presentation, Terrence will explain his S.M.A.R.T.T technique and you get to learn how to use and apply it.

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Jame Elliot
James Elliot is Trainer (and master trainer apprentice) of NLP, Timeline Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Coaching and The Power Process. He has been through his own struggles, including losing 60lbs, digestive issues, depression, high anxiety, bullying, feeling like he wasn't wasn't good enough, relationship problems and struggles early on with his career and business.
He will share one of his best techniques to Remove Fear, Worry, Anxiety, Negative emotions and even pain easily & on the fly!

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Do You Want Lifetime Access to Everything from this Summit?

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