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Hypnosis Masters Summit - Playbook
Hypnosis Masters Summit - Playbook

Learn and deepen your knowledge on some of the best Hypnosis Techniques, taught by some of the best Hypnosis Masters from around the world! This will help you achieve more powerful results for yourself and your clients!

The 2021 Hypnosis Masters Playbook is the most valuable asset to have in Hypnosis toolbox, and yours has just arrived!

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Here ARE just some of the amazing EXPERTS you WIll BE  learnING from in the Playbook and IN the HYPNOSIS Masters Summit

Adriana James - Hypnosis Masters Summit

Adriana James PhD

Andrew Hahn - Hypnosis Masters Summit

Andy Hahn

Helen Mitas - Hypnosis Masters Summit

Helen Mitas

Barry Neale - Hypnosis Masters Summit

Barry Neale

Igor Ledochowski - Hypnosis Masters Summit

Igor Ledochowksi

Kate Beaven - Hypnosis Masters Summit

Kate Beaven-Marks PhD

Freddy Jacquin - Hypnosis Masters Summit

Freddy Jacquin

Ines Simpson - Hypnosis Masters Summit

Ines Simpson

Speakers featured in


Hypnosisa Masters playbook

Who will teach you how to have a better life, be a better coach and therapist and achieve the transformations you desire. And you can join for FREE and attend the Hypnosis Masters Summit (only available for a limited time).

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