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Why become a SPONSOR?

Eugen Popa

Hypnosis Masters Summit has two main goals:

1) To help people learn and apply practical hypnosis techniques, methods, and practices to achieve their desired goal, be it healing, personal development, or anything else, and

2) To offer health professionals such as coaches, therapists, psychotherapists, counselors, the opportunity to sharpen and improve their skills, by learning from some of the best hypnosis experts in the world.

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If you have any questions or want to be contacted, please fill in this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What You Get by Becoming a Sponsor

New Leads

You can get new leads and contacts directly interested in your offer, whether we are talking about physical products or not.

Building Relationshisp

People only buy from those they trust. People buy your brand, not your product.

Grow your Brand

The more visible your brand is, the better your chances of being chosen when people think about buying.


Your investment not only helps you grow your brand but gives you the opportunity to support the ideas or causes you believe in.

Here's how it Works

The structure of this Summit is very simple.
The Hypnosis Masters Summit runs for 7 days with 5-6 presentations each day. These presentations are pre-recorded and participants can ask questions in the comment sections.

Each speaker presents a specific Hypnosis method or principle or technique that people can learn and apply immediately, either for their own benefit or to help others.

Everybody can download a free ebook that contains a lot of information from the presentations at this summit and thus subscribe to a special email list dedicated to this Summit.

Summit attendees receive an email each day detailing the day's presentations and links to these presentations.

Those who purchased the Premium Pass have Lifetime Access to all the video/audio recordings, transcripts, bonuses, special offers from sponsors and partners and many other benefits.

Public: The general public, interested in personal development as well as those who work with people in areas such as psychotherapy, coaching, counseling, spoken therapies, medical staff, complementary or alternative therapies.

When: December 9th-15th 2021

Format: Six daily presentations published both on our website and by email, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Whatsapp and other social platforms.

Here are a few data points from our last event:

  • Registered Participants: 7612
  • Facebook Group : 1500+
  • Presentations: 50 
  • Countries: 94
  • Free Pass Members: 7100
  • Premium Pass : 602

Statistical Data - Google Analytics

Website traffic and Demographical Data

  • Promotion Period - August 20th - October 9th
  • Total unique visitor - 43.000 +
  • Page displays - 177.317
  • Pages per Session - 2.28
  • Average User session - 1.8
  • Average session time - 2.16
  • Visitor Language - 55% English
  • 55% male, 45% women, with 48% between 25-45 years old

Reach and Audience on Facebook

  • Facebook Page Reach - 500.000
  • Ads Impression (how many people saw the ads) - 615.000
  • Număr total Reach - 119.000
  • Click pe Ad - 19.800
  • Population - 92.100 Women, 26.900 men
    Age average- 35-44 = 32.900; 45-54 = 43.300

An image is worth a thousand words

Google Data

Most participants are from urban areas

Most users were English speakers, from Europe and USA, followed by Asia and Australia

Facebook Data

Facebook Page Reach

Facebook Group Growth


Some of the Speakers who presented in our Events

NLP Masters Speakers

How We Communicate with Participants

One of the most important elements contributing to the success of an event is the level of interaction with participants. The greater the interaction and the more present and active the participants, the more they will get in touch with you and your brand or company.

In order to have as much exposure and interaction as possible, we have established several ways of communication:

Livechat on website

We offer visitors online support through livechat in writing, to help them with any questions they need.

Email support

We respond to emails almost instantaneous, during working hours. We received high praise on this.

Summit  Newsletter 

We communicate daily by email with the participants in the summit. These emails can be sponsored by your company.

Facebook Group

We created a Facebook group where participants and speakers can interact and sponsors can post.

Mobile Application

Each participant can watch the presentations from their phone or tablet.

LIVE Broadcast

We offer daily LIVE broadcasts on Facebook and Youtube that reach hundreds of thousands of people in the target audience.

Summit Format and Exposure and Awareness for Sponsors

The summit runs for 7 days and has 5-6 daily sessions. In addition, after the summit ends, we have the option to offer participants the possibility to ask their questions LIVE, during a Q&A session with some of the speakers. This has proven to be very popular and appreciated by our audience and it is an excellent opportunity for sponsors to participate as experts or consultants on the summit and to bring even more awareness on their brand.

In addition, these sessions can be broadcasted LIVE and that they can be enjoyed by the general public, not just by Summit participants.

We can broadcast LIVE, simultaneously, on our Youtube channel as well as Facebook pages and groups, which leads to an even larger audience.

Sponsors will have the opportunity to give short presentations during the Summit where they can present their company.

Each sponsor will have a personalized presentation page, where they can present information about their company, as well as the presentations they sponsor directly.

On this page we can place lead magnets, publish contests, tests, quizzes or any other promotions you chose.
This helps the company to directly collect the email addresses and contact details of those who want to benefit from your offer.

In addition, each sponsor receives an iFrame code that they can insert into their own site and can thus broadcast LIVE, on their site, certain sessions or presentations or the entire summit.

These codes contain only the sponsor's logo, the presentation video window and a button to subscribe to the Premium Subscription which provides lifetime access to all sessions.
Participants who want to have Lifetime Access to all sessions can upgrade to a Premium Pass.

Sponsors receive free Premium subscriptions that they can use or themselves or gift others.

Each Sponsor also receives an affiliate account, so they can promote the event and generate earnings from the registrations they bring.

The event begins with a Grand Opening LIVE Webinar, in which Eugen Popa presents the program and how the Hypnosis Masters summit will take place, answer questions from the public and mention the sponsors that support the event.

Marketing and Exposure

How do you get exposure?

We promote this event both through our network and through the collaborations we have with our media partners, affiliates, influencers, collaborators and fans.

70K+ in Facebook Groups

We are present in many profile groups and we personally control over 15 groups.

20k+ Whatsapp & FB Messengers

We connect with participants via  Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger

Partner Facebook Groups

We actively participate and post in over 100 Facebook groups that together have over 200k members.

Facebook Ads

We continuously invest in promoting this event and the initial budget allocated for advertising on Facebook is 10.000 Euro.

Speakers; Promotion

Each speaker promotes the event to his/her audience, which grows the reach exponentially

45k+ Newsletter Subsribers

We have over 45,000 subscribers to the sites and programs we offer.

Mobile Application

Each participant can download the mobile application and watch the presentations from their phone or tablet.

Youtube Channel

We have several Youtube channels that together have over 25k subscribers and millions of views.


We have ads on both Google and Youtube and they are reaching a large number of people interested in this subject

Influencers, Fans & Affiliates

We estimate that the event will reach over 2 Mil. people through our network of partners, affiliates, fans and influencers.

Choose your Sponsorhip Package


Support the event and we put your logo on our website. You will be promoted and mentioned to participants through email messages and announcements during the event.

Available Slots: 5

1000 Eur


Access to everything in the Silver package plus a LIVE presentation with questions from participants and access to the SIlver Package for the next event.

Available Slots: 1

5000 Eur


You are directly involved in the event by giving a presentation. Receive a dedicated sponsor page, where you can create contests or special offers that help you collect new leads.

Available Slots: 3

3000 Eur

Here is a Detailed List of Benefits for Each Type of Sponsorship



Sponsor featured on all pages

Clickable logo on the pages of the Summit

Mention at the beginning of the event

Logo in emails and messages sent to subscribers

Logo + description in the promotional email sent to the participants before the event

Gift codes with 100% discount on the Premium Package




Clickable logo in the daily emails of the summit

You are a Sponsor of the Summit NLP Evergreen version (continuous promotion for 12 months)


Special presentation webinar for educating participants


Special 30-minute Summit Session (interview or presentation)


The mention "Special Speaker" on the pages of the Summit


The page dedicated by the Sponsor to run lead generation campaigns and customers


Speaker prezentat în anunțurile și reclamele de pe Facebook


Host or moderate a live discussion with speakers of your choice who wish to participate during the Summit


10s video clip during each video session (at the beginning and / or at the end, evenly distributed among sponsors). Videos can be targeted on specific days or topics


You are a Free Silver Sponsor at the next Summit we hold


Logo on the presentation pictures of the speakers on social media


Logo on Facebook and Youtube Pages and Groups banners


Important Details

Emails and Special Messages

  • Sent to all Summit participants 3 days before the start of the event.
  • Emails will list all sponsors and their offers, including links.
  • Email will contain sponsors' clickable logos
  • Gold Sponsors will be placed first, followed by Silver and Bronze

Special Email About Your Company

  • A promotional email dedicated exclusively to your company
  • EA promotional email to be sent up to 4 weeks after the end of the event
  • Email will be sent to all summit participants
  • Each Email will be sent twice, second time to those who did not open first one in 18 hours

Mention in Daily Emails

  • Predicted open rates of 30% - 50%.
  • Clickable logo at the bottom of each email
  • Gold Sponsors are first, then Silver and Bronze
  • One email every day, during the summit

Logo on Summit Pages

  • Clickable Logos on the main page and all summit pages
  • Sponsor's name and description on mouse-over
  • UTM  links to the sponsor's page 
  • Notifications via Facebook Messenger for those subscribed

Sponsor's General Presentation Page

  • General page showcasing all sponsors, starting with Gold and then Silver and Bronze
  • Each sponsor will have a clickable logo, name, slogan
  • Each sponsor will have a short description
  • Gold Sponsors will be listed first in the email, then Silver and then Bronze.

Sponsor's Individual Presentation Page

  • Add a Sponsor's promo video in the first fold
  • Clickable logo, name, slogan everywhere where they appear on page
  • Lead capture forms to generate leads and signup to your company
  • Promote a product or service directly on the page

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